ManiBros - Peanut Butter
Now available at DEGEN Delikatessen

We proudly present the peanut butter by ManiBros. From today they are available in our online store. Most of the people know the Peanut Butter only to put on the breads. But you can cook with peanut butter as well very delicious dishes. Soon we will publish some. ...

Do you already know the ManiBros? No?

Why should you know them?
Nothing matters more to the ManiBros than their nuts. Those are what they do all the time. They monitor the quality, the processing... simply everything to ensure the best quality one can dream of. So far they produce nine different flavours:

#1 - Smooth
#2 - Crunch

#3 - Cacao
#4 - Coconut
#5 - Honey

#6 - Café - Agave Azul
#7 - Aguacate - Borojó
#8 - Amazon Fire
#9 - Quinoa - Chia

Wow, I'm so hungry!
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